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Get To Know Edify: The Leading Onboarding Tool for Engineering and Technical Teams

Austin Epon

Onboarding newly hired software engineers can easily overwhelm technical leaders, especially when there’s a need to repeat the entire process every time a new batch of qualified applicants is passed down from HR. Truth be told - it requires all the focus and even extra hours to do it every single time, not to mention how a routine can leave room for inconsistency, compromise, and team exhaustion.

One of the risks of having poor onboarding practices is seeing high employee turnover rates, or the number of employees leaving a company. Though there are many factors to consider for this subject, there are multiple studies that strongly relate onboarding experiences to employee retention.

Edify is an all-in-one automated solution to onboard your newly hired software engineers and help them become the best contributing members in no time. Your team won’t have to worry about switching schedules and making solutions for repeating problems that come every time a new member joins. Let Eddy do the onboarding for easy administration!

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What is Edify?

Onboard your new members with the help of Eddy, our interactive Slackbot you can use to guide and manage the overall transition that comes after orientations. Customize, use, and reuse an already-existing onboarding program every time a new engineer joins. Communicate with them while keeping track of their progress, documentations, and upcoming tasks. Eddy follows a framework designed by technology and science experts so it can administer according to each member’s needs while managing multiple onboarding programs at the same time.

Image Source: Product Hunt - Edify

Eddy can address recurring technical onboarding problems that cannot be addressed by HR tools and corporate onboarding in general. While you and other members of the team focus more on the core responsibilities, Edify can help your new engineers get acquainted with their short-term, long-term, and daily tasks, as well as understand what is expected from them - all without asking extra hours from team members. A comprehensive technical tool perfectly designed for modern technical teams!

Bridging the Gap From ‘Newly Hired’ to ‘Contributing Member’

Onboarding newly hired software engineers don’t have to take months. With Edify, your new members will be able to handle projects in just 30 days or less! Eddy helps you welcome new software engineers, manage overall onboarding tasks, and schedule team introductions in advance to hasten growth and team integration.

Because the truth is, onboarding isn’t just about sharing files, links, and plenty of video introductions - especially for technical teams that require up-to-date technical solutions. Provide comprehensive information about the company, its tools, procedures, culture, and values without organizing tedious meetings every now and then. Eddy is equipped with years of learning science and onboarding expertise to fill gaps. Edify is the perfect tool for engineering teams that do not know what to do after HR hands a new hire and let you do the rest.

eddy lives in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more!

Onboarding programs within communication apps? Now that’s something cool!

Currently, Eddy lives in Slack - one of the most used communication tools for tech companies no matter how big or small. And as we desire technical teams around the world to have seamless and easy onboarding experiences, we are in the works of providing world-class onboarding programs to tech startups and companies that are using Microsoft Teams and other apps as means of communication. For more details, you can always contact us or visit our website.

Why You Need Edify

Company growth doesn’t mean exhausting you and your team members from the repetitive preparations to welcome, train, and introduce newly hired software engineers to what they should do. You also don’t have to update credentials and shared files every time you add an engineer to your team. Eddy is programmed for a repeatable onboarding process through unobtrusive interactions as well as collecting team feedback to update the program while documenting the whole process. No more general corporate tools and measures for technical needs, not to mention no more extra hours for you and everyone else!

Why Edify? Eddy can keep your team focused while new hires onboard with quality and the assurance that they aren’t tossed in the wild and left behind.

Cut the admin work and utilize a recurring plan you can always use to onboard and retain the best software engineers! Request a demo here.

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