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Joining Learning Science & AI

Kate Farmer

If you spend any time reading discourse around the technological revolution going on in our workforce, one of the things you will often hear is something along the lines of "We'll always need teachers because that's one thing a robot can never do." So it may come as a surprise to learn that at Edify, we believe that technical solutions and AI can be integrated into the learning experience at all levels. While eddy is designed to elevate and enhance the experience of human-to-human interactive learning, we also know that we can leverage the unique strengths and attributes of an AI solution to build a more robust learning experience for our customers.

Patience & Persistence

Ask any teacher at any level, and they will tell you that teaching requires patience. Learning takes time, iteration, and repetition. These are things that can be frustrating for humans, but for an AI system, it's no problem at all. AI never gets impatient, or feels exhausted. Chatbots like eddy can go over the exact same lesson as many times as the learner needs. While human teachers have to contend with their own sense of motivation, AI assistants aren't burdened by this emotional load and will be just as fresh and ready to help on day 999 as they were on day 1.

Bots like eddy will also never get distracted. There might be a huge fire-drill going on in your department that has requires the attention of the entire senior dev team. Under normal circumstances, a new hire could be left twiddling their thumbs while the rest of the team addresses the issue. An AI, on the other hand, has a single focus and will not be distracted. No matter what else is going on, you can count on eddy to support new hires every day, helping them stay on their learning journey.

No Stupid Questions

Being a learner is an inherently vulnerable experience. As a new hire joining a team, you want to make a great first impression with your manager and team members. Most teams go out of their way to encourage new hires to ask questions, but even so, it can be hard to quiet the voice in your head warning don't ask that, they will think you are stupid!

This is doubly true for people with underrepresented identities such as BIPOC individuals, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, women, and those who are not neurotypical. Those individuals may feel extra pressure to impress and prove that they deserve their place on the team.

There are certainly many, many issues surrounding AI and diversity, but it can also be a tool for good. Because AI is not judgmental, it's a safe space for new hires to ask any questions they may have without fear of it impacting their reputation with the team.


One of the biggest challenges in many workplaces is scheduling. Calendars are packed full, and in the age of remote work, it's increasingly common to not even be in the same time-zone as your teammates. This can make getting help incredibly difficult.

AI tools are always online. Any time a new hire has a question or wants to start their next task, eddy is there to set them off on the right foot. As soon as the new hire is ready to learn, eddy is there to support them in their learning, no matter where they are in the world.

Augmentation, not Replacement

At Edify, we love engineers. That means that we know there are things that need 1:1, interactive engagement with a team member to learn. When building our platform, we aren't trying to replace that experience, but to support it and make it better. For example, one of the tasks that eddy gives to new hires on their first day is to schedule 1:1s with their manager and team members. We want to enable humans to do the things they are best at by building AI that does what it's best at.

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