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THE AI FOR SALES PODCAST: How To Onboard Software Engineers The Easy Way With Kristen Buchanan

Austin Epon

Podcast Alert: How do you onboard software engineers the easy way? By using Edify!

Join Edify’s Founder and CEO Kristen Buchanan as she talks about good engineering onboarding, developer enablement, and the future of work through Edify in this recent The AI for Sales Podcast episode.

Listen through these channels: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or read the full blog post here.

From the blog post:

How do you onboard software engineers the easy way? By using Edify! Rich Blakeman's guest in this episode is Kristen Buchanan, the Founder and CEO at Edify. Edify uses their Slack-native bot application called Eddy. Kristen explains that Eddy collects and organizes useful information from your team. It then delivers this information to your new hires. Result? Your new hires achieve productivity faster without having to depend on another person! Join in the conversation to learn more about Edify. Tune in!


More about Kristen:

Kristen Buchanan is the CEO and Founder of Edify, an AI platform that builds high performing engineering teams, starting with onboarding. She started her first company in 2014 and built onboarding programs for companies such as AWS Elemental, Puppet, OpenSky Alibaba, Cirium (FlightGlobal), Cloudability and more. Kristen is passionate about developing the future of high-performing engineering organizations so that engineering teams can build better products, faster.

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