the most effective way to boost your engineering team’s productivity.

When companies grow, people get out of sync. New hires don’t get up to speed, weeks and months are lost during team changes, and product development grinds to a halt.

Traditional developer productivity tools don’t help you solve productivity’s biggest blocker.

Edify helps engineering leaders enable their teams with the know-how they need to perform, scale, and evolve.

Customizable technical onboarding and training templates makes it easy to deliver consistent experiences, customized for each team or role.
Accelerates speed-to-productivity for your new hires, and provides insights to help engineering managers and leaders.
Context-aware, facilitated Buddy and Team connections for your new hire. Don’t leave important team networking up to chance.
Daily onboarding tasks and reminders delivered in Slack guide your new hire's learning, without adding another login.
Level-up skill sharing and orchestrate internal change rollouts without slowing down work.
Evergreen maintenance features to prevent expertise from becoming siloed.

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