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frictionless software engineering onboarding

Pick up where HR leaves off with Edify: an efficient, effective system for technical onboarding, designed just for engineering teams.

30 days from “new hire” to “contributing member”

Onboard software engineers into new projects in a month or less. Eddy welcomes new hires, manages their onboarding tasks, and schedules team introductions to accelerate their learning and team integration without overwhelming them.

Simple setup, easy administration

Stop scrambling to interrupt your team, update documents, and provision permissions every time you add an engineer to your team. Eddy configures a repeatable onboarding process via unobtrusive Slack interactions to get started, then collects team feedback to update the program and documentation on an as-needed basis.

Customized, comprehensive programming

Good onboarding is more than a login key and a map to the bathroom. Give every new hire comprehensive information about your technology, processes, people, and culture. Eddy leverages years of learning science and onboarding expertise to structure your information, fill gaps, and generate a complete onboarding program.

A repeatable, automated solution

Eddy is a scalable solution for a repeating problem. Define, structure, and evaluate your process so you can spend time on systemic improvements to your team and process. When a new hire knows what’s happening every day when they show up to work, your team can focus on shipping great work.

Let the onboarding begin.

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