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developer onboarding
software for modern engineering teams

eddy is the Slack-native engineering onboarding tool that gets time-to-productivity down from 7-9 months to just weeks.
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Faster first commits.

Onboard software engineers and get them productive in weeks, not months. eddy welcomes new hires, manages their technical onboarding tasks, and facilitates buddy and team introductions to accelerate your new hire.

Best practice, built in.

With eddy, you can give every new hire a customized onboarding experience that covers your technology, processes, product, and engineering culture. eddy uses learning science and engineering best practices to structure your information, fill in gaps, and create human connections for your new engineer.

Dynamic Documentation.

Stop scrambling to interrupt your team, update documents, and provision permissions every time you add an engineer! eddy configures a repeatable developer onboarding program and collects team feedback to keep docs up-to-date.

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