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Edify Joins the 2021 Techstars Seattle Class

Austin E.

PORTLAND, OREGON —January 25, 2021— Edify is 1 of 10 companies joining the 2021 class of Techstars Seattle. The company, founded in 2020 by CEO Kristen Gallagher, is embracing the future of work by streamlining the technical onboarding process that engineers need to get up to speed and productive in a new work environment. Founded in 2006, Techstars seed accelerator program is competitive, accepting fewer than 1% of applicants. Edify is 1-of-4 solo founders in the new group, all of whom are women, and the company boasts an all-female leadership team.

Founded in 2020, Edify’s product eddy is designed to accelerate onboarding for new engineers with an interactive interface, nested within Slack today and  Microsoft teams soon. With eddy, companies can streamline learning, shorten time to value for new hires and minimize distractions. eddy guides new engineers through onboarding tasks, and schedules team introductions to accelerate their learning and team integration, leaving senior team members free to answer higher-level questions and making space for human connection.

“We’re very proud to be a part of Techstars Seattle and recognized for what we’re building,” says CEO & Founder Kristen Gallagher. “Traditional HR and productivity tools don’t understand the complexity of engineering onboarding — with the future of work moving toward remote/virtual teams, it’s crucial to build the tools that will help people learn quickly and connect more meaningfully with their coworkers.”

Edify is working to solve a $22 billion churn problem in the engineering industry — 1/3rd of new hires begin seeking alternative employment before completing the onboarding process, and engineers only stay with a company for 18 months on average. Guided by eddy, employers can cut down the onboarding process from 7 months to 30 days with a customized onboarding plan.

In joining the 2021 Techstars Seattle class, Edify is poised for rapid growth, and is actively hiring and building their internal team.

About Edify:

Edify's vision is to enable engineering teams to build the best products in the world, and our mission is to remove friction from every aspect of an engineering team's daily life. We build software that helps you hire, onboard, grow, and support your team end-to-end.

See press release in PDF format here.

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