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What's New: Documentation Maintenance, Dashboard Reports, and Simplified Navigation

Jayme Rabenberg

Over the last month the Edify team has been focused on improving user experience and giving engineering leaders and managers actionable insights about their team's onboarding program. As Edify's product has grown over the last few months we noticed that our users were struggling with the navigation in our web app, and many asked for more clear reporting. In September we introduced a whole new look and feel for our web app, with updated navigation and dashboards to help teams get what they need quickly.

Here are a few of the key updates we've recently released:

Dashboard Reports

Immediately understand how prepared you are to onboard your new hires with plan readiness dashboard, and skip directly to review and update prompts that Edify detects may be out of date.

New Hire Progress Reports

Better insight into your new hires progress: showing you how far along each new hire is in their plan, identifying risk, and updating plans asynchronously as needed.

New Navigation in the App

A new persistent navigation menu allows users to intuitively move between features in the Edify app.

Updated and Expanded Support Documentation

We all need help when we are learning a new tool. Edify has expanded our self-service documentation center with new videos and guides to help you get the most out of using Edify with your team. (You can even find a monthly digest of Product Updates.)

Have Questions or Feedback? Let us know how you like the new stuff.

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