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Support Documentation

Help your new hires stay on track(!)
A guide for helping your new hires stay on track
New Hire Progress Dashboard
Help your new hires stay on track
Plan-Readiness Dashboard
Insight into the health of your onboarding planw
Product Updates
A log of Edify's product updates with release notes
Ask eddy & Updating Outdated Documentation
How to ask eddy & Updating out-of-date information
Adding a New Hire
How to add a new hire to eddy
Creating or Customizing An Onboarding Plan
How to create a new onboarding plan, or customize an existing plan.
Getting Started Overview: How to setup eddy and onboard your new hires
An overview of the steps needed to get started with Edify
Downloading your Onboarding Plan
How do download a copy of your eddy onboarding plan.
New Hire Reports: Tracking your new hires progress
How to track how far along your new hire is in their onboarding plan.
Adding Additional Admins and Managers to your Account
Adding additional team members to help you build your onboarding plan
Installing eddy On Your Slack Workspace
How to install eddy on your slack workspace
Security and Data Access
eddy's security best practices
Buddy Guide
The guide for how to be a buddy for a New Hire
Getting Help
How to get help from eddy- list of commands

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