Ask eddy & Updating Outdated Documentation

How to ask eddy & Updating out-of-date information

Asking eddy

With the Ask-eddy feature, your team can now directly ask eddy for important information found in your onboarding plans. Asking eddy is as simple as opening the DM with eddy, and typing your question. eddy will search all onboarding plans and surface the most relevant answer.

Once eddy surfaces the answer, you will have a few follow-up options: 

  • Choosing "Yes" or "End" will end the chat.
  • Choosing "Search Again" will prompt eddy to present the next most relevant answer it can find.
  • Choosing "Information Outdated" will ask the user if they would like to update the answer. Choosing "yes" will prompt the user to enter in the updated answer for approval.

Approving Documentation Updates

Managers can manage documentation updates by clicking the "Update Requests" Icon located on the navigation menu on the left hand side of the screen.

  • View and edit any outstanding update requests
  • Approve/Deny outstanding update requests
  • Delegate the update request to another team member