Asset-Builder & Asset Library

Introduction to Assets

The Asset Builder allows you to create reusable content available to all users, that can be used to create learning paths. A saved asset can be an individual module, a group of modules, or even an entire learning path. For example, you can create an asset for company-level onboarding with modules on the company story, working with HR, and your product. When individual teams build a learning path, they can insert this company-onboarding asset into their team onboarding path. Changes and updates to assets are made globally, ensuring all future learning paths include the most up to date version.

Creating an Asset: 

To create an asset, click Create New Asset from the menu on the left side of the screen. Give your asset a name, and click "Submit".

From here, creating an asset is no different than creating  modules and steps in a Learning Path. Begin by adding your first module by clicking "Add Module". You can add your individual steps by clicking "Add Step" from the module menu.

Asset Library

You can manage all of your existing assets from the Asset Library. To view a list of your assets, click Asset Library from the menu on the left side of the screen. To view/edit an asset, simply click the title of the asset to open the Asset Builder.

Using Assets in Path's

When creating or customizing a learning path, insert an asset by clicking "Insert Asset" at the top of the builder. Choose the asset you want from the dropdown menu, and click Insert. Just like modules and steps, you can move the asset by dragging and dropping it to a different placement in the path. Assets are not editable from directly within a learning path. To edit, click "Edit Asset," which will bring you back to the Asset Builder to make changes.

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