Creating & Customizing A Learning Path

To create an onboarding plan or learning path, begin by clicking Create New Path on the menu on the left side of the screen. Give your path a name, and choose a starting template, or start from scratch by choosing "none." (note: In the following steps, you'll have the ability to fully customize the contents of a template). Click "next" and fill out a few more initial setup questions.

Modules & Steps: 

An Edify Learning Path consists of Modules and Steps. You can think of a module as a "section" or "unit." Steps are the individual learnings and tasks that make up a module.

To create a module , click the Add Module button from the menu at the top of the page. Add a Title and Description. The name is internal (meaning the end-user won't see this). The description will be the text that eddy will use to introduce the end-user to the module. You can always see exactly what eddy will present to the new hire in the slack preview:

Adding Steps & Step Types

To add a step to a module, click the + step icon on the module header. This will open up a modal where you can populate & edit the information in a step. It is important to note that there are two different step types, and it's important to know how to effectively use each type:


An Information Step Type is exactly that: Purely informational. This will be a piece of text, a link, a resource, etc.. that you would like eddy to deliver to the new hire, but doesn't require any specific follow-up or tracking.


A Task Step Type should be used when you would like the new hire to complete a specific action related to that module. When you create a task step type, eddy will present this as an action item for the new hire, and will follow up at the end of the day to see if they have completed the task. The new hire will be able to ask for help with their tasks, and eddy will connect them with their buddy: It's important to understand how the different


The Path Builder also provides you with the full flexibility to add/delete/and reorder steps and modules.

Add Module: To add a module, click "Add New Module", listed at the top of the path builder

Add Step: You can add steps by clicking the + symbol at the top of each module

Delete Modules/Steps: You may delete any step or module by clicking the trash can icon on the module/step

Reorder: You can reorder any steps or modules by dragging and dropping them to your preferred location

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