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Podcast episodes featuring Edify team members.

DEVOPS INSTITUTE PODCAST: Humans Are Human with Kristen Buchanan

Find out how DevOps principles can be applied to people and team management, what the future of work holds and so much more!

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PDXWIT PODCAST: Kristen Buchanan and Equitable Onboarding

In this podcast episode, Edify's CEO and founder talks about equitable engineering onboarding.

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INFOQ: New Approaches to Engineer Onboarding with Kristen Buchanan

In this InfoQ podcast, Edify CEO and founder Kristen Buchanan talks about new approaches to engineer onboarding and reducing time to productivity for new hires.‍

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THE NEXT WAVE PODCAST: Edify and Kristen Buchanan

Edify Founder and CEO guests on The Next Wave Podcast - a weekly podcast show that talks about the latest news and trends in AI, blockchain, IoT, and cloud with founders and innovators building the next wave.

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THE PDX EXECUTIVE PODCAST: Kristen Buchanan from Consultant to Tech Founder

Listen to Edify's CEO and Founder as she shares about her journey from onboarding tech companies' new hires to building the operating system for engineering teams.

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Code Story PODCAST: Kristen Buchanan from Tech Consultant to Tech Founder

Edify CEO Kristen Buchanan shares how a mentor challenged her to turn her tech consultancy into a software solution!

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