When Do Engineering Teams Need Engineering Operations?

Having EngOps as a specialization in your tech organization means being able to anticipate the needs of your developers. Practitioners are the hunters of bottlenecks and inefficiencies, rescuing developer teams from churn, frustrations, and disengagement from their work.

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Are Your Developers Thinking About Quitting?

Understanding engineer engagement and how you can intervene to reduce churn in your engineering organization.

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The Consequences of Not Onboarding Well

Ultimately, the consequences of not onboarding well have negative impacts on tech leads, engineering teams, and hiring managers. A poor onboarding plan will undermine all the investment and effort put into the long hiring process.

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Ignoring Onboarding Is An Expensive Mistake

Finding the right team members takes time and money. Training your new hires can stop your most valuable resource from walking out the door.

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New Hires Come and Go, But They Don’t Have To

The technical sector has the highest turnover rates. That’s a fact.

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When Can You Trust a New Hire?

One thing that metrics and onboarding systems don’t always address is trust. Specifically, at what point can a manager trust their new hire to own their new role?

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