FORBES: The Secret To Successful Remote Engineering Is Onboarding

In this Forbes article, CEO and Founder of Edify shares about successfully onboarding software engineers remotely.

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Ignoring Onboarding Is An Expensive Mistake

Finding the right team members takes time and money. Training your new hires can stop your most valuable resource from walking out the door.

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New Hires Come and Go, But They Don’t Have To

The technical sector has the highest turnover rates. That’s a fact.

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Engineer Onboarding

There are huge challenges for dev team managers tackling remote engineer onboarding. Here is how you can develop a plan to get new devs up to speed in 30 days.

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When Can You Trust a New Hire?

One thing that metrics and onboarding systems don’t always address is trust. Specifically, at what point can a manager trust their new hire to own their new role?

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Things Not To Do in Engineering Onboarding

Onboarding mistakes happen. I’ve seen them with many of my clients, and I’ve made some myself!So, as I look back on the year, I’d like to share some examples of what the Edify team and I call “onboarding bloopers.”

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