BUILT IN: Want a High Performing Dev Team? Improve Your Time to Productivity

When the stakes are high — and they always feel high during a product launch — you’ve got to understand what you’re trying to improve before you can improve it.

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Engineering Onboarding Is Larger Than HR

If you aren’t asking HR to code, why are you asking HR to lead engineer onboarding?

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Edify Collabs: Great Minds Think Alike III - Getting To Know Anjuan Simmons of Help Scout

For our third collaboration, Edify CEO sits with Engineering Coach Anjuan Simmons of Help Scout to talk about engineering philosophy and how engineering things are run.

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Edify Collabs: Great Minds Think Alike - Why Functional Onboarding Matters When Working with Recruiters

In this first-of-our-series collaboration post, Edify and TeamUP Staffing discuss why functional onboarding matters when working with HR and recruiters.

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Developer Onboarding Is Like An Escape Room

Poorly designed escape rooms are similar to bad onboarding experiences. Missing information, confusing language, or unclear goals can leave negative experiences - all of these contribute to a high turnover rate of skilled software engineers.

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The Four Pillars of Technical Onboarding

Our team defined four essential pillars of any successful onboarding program. Does your onboarding program incorporate all four?

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