The Four Pillars of Technical Onboarding

Our team defined four essential pillars of any successful onboarding program. Does your onboarding program incorporate all four?

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Corporate vs. Technical Onboarding

We've seen through experience that cookie cutter corporate onboarding programs aren't enough to support new software engineers and help technical teams thrive. Our three layer cake model easily outlines the essential parts of any technical onboarding program.

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What is Onboarding?

If you’re a startup tech company, or are looking to overhaul your onboarding system, it’s important to start with the foundations of good onboarding. Specifically, understand the difference between technical onboarding and orientation.

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Engineering Onboarding: How It’s Different and Why You Need It

To retain top-notch people and enable their best work, you need more than traditional company onboarding. A smooth transition from hire date to the one year mark requires a framework and process that communicates exactly what the employee needs to know, when they need to know it, in a way that will create a lasting impression.

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Why Have an Engineering Philosophy?

Whether it's friction between team members, high turnover, or questionable behavior from a team member – even one who is a high performer – team obstacles are inevitable. A defined engineering philosophy can help teams navigate these obstacles and find the best path forward.

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Why Integrity is Part of My Business Strategy

We follow three guiding perspectives at Edify, and these principles dictate how we work internally as a team as well as how we share with our customers.

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