Secret Sauce – How We Onboard Engineers at Edify: A Q&A with Director of Data Science Kate Farmer

How does a company that specializes in technical onboarding create its own program for software engineers? At Edify, our secret sauce is a mix of our own product – eddy – with our philosophy on technical onboarding.

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Designing With and For Customers

Problems are not static, so we are constantly looking for ways to get feedback from our customers, both on the features they are using today, and those we are prototyping to build. We are focusing our user research on the areas where building new products are risky.

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Get To Know Edify: The Leading Onboarding Tool for Engineering and Technical Teams

Eddy can keep your team focused while new hires onboard with quality and the assurance that they aren’t tossed in the wild and left behind.

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Is Onboarding HR's Responsibility?

Rather than spending so much energy wanting HR to get onboard or get out of the way, we think it’s time to take a different approach.

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What is Good Onboarding?

I’ve seen through experience how thoughtful, strategic onboarding helps companies retain employees and reach new levels of success.

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Your New Hire's First Day Agenda

There’s no better opportunity to kick off onboarding than an employee’s first day on the job. The first day sets the new hire up with essential information they’ll need to be productive, and introduces them to the company culture and their team.

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