Team Development

Culture Check – Before Hiring, Understand Your Engineering Culture

A healthy engineering culture will make or break a company’s hiring goals. Before posting that job opening, the first step should be understanding the state of your current engineering culture.

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What Can Higher Ed Teach Us About Onboarding?

It’s no secret that my company Edify is all about onboarding, and our team was recently reminded of how much proper onboarding can lead to employee success.

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Fixing the Leaky Pipe in Onboarding

There’s really no way of getting around it; bringing on a new employee reduces the productivity of the team overall for a period of time.

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What Does a Buddy Do, Anyway?

Most companies assign a buddy to every new hire on the team. But how that buddy is trained, supported, and empowered is essential to their effectiveness in helping the new hire. Learn all about what buddies should focus on here.

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