Austin E.

Executive Assistant

With a knack for writing and organizing, Austin has assisted startup companies from different industries to become the best of what they are today. From Real Estate, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), to Charity Fundraising, he believes that taking small steps while keeping a company's goals in mind (and in heart), success will be around the corner in no time.!

Blog Posts

[PRESS RELEASE] Edify Raises $1.635M in Initial Funding Round

The engineering onboarding software company looks toward rapid growth.

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[PRESS RELEASE] Edify Joins the 2021 Techstars Seattle Class

The engineering onboarding software company increases developer productivity by improving the new hire experience.

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How Does Edify Help Onboard New Software Engineers?

Engineering and technical teams aren’t for corporate matters. So when a new software engineer is being passed on from HR, team leaders tend to take full responsibility for making sure a new hire becomes a contributing member as soon as possible - and it’s not easy.

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Get To Know Edify: The Leading Onboarding Tool for Engineering and Technical Teams

Eddy can keep your team focused while new hires onboard with quality and the assurance that they aren’t tossed in the wild and left behind.

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