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developer onboarding and knowledge tooling for modern software engineering teams.

eddy gets new hires up-to-speed 3x faster than industry average and ensures all of your devs find what they need to thrive, stay connected, and grow.

Faster first commits drive faster feature delivery for your customers.

Ensure team members learn key areas of your technology, processes, product, and engineering culture without building your own curriculum.

Use the latest in adult learning science so your new hires commit code faster, ask better questions, and quickly become high-performing team members.

Dev-centered best practices for immediate results.

Deploy customized technical onboarding experiences to each team member without managing schedules or curriculum.

Connect new hires to the right people at the right time, automatically, to accelerate acculturation and team connection.

Documentation at the ready, always up-to-date.

Configure a repeatable developer onboarding program and identify outdated docs.

See documentation "hot spots" and enable your team to focus on what really matters to them.

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