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How eddy Helps a Ruby on Rails Development Agency Save Time on Engineer Onboarding

Austin Epon

Our Client: Planet Argon

Planet Argon is a full-service Ruby on Rails development agency and has helped established businesses meet their goals through application development and design for the last two decades. They are passionate in providing technical strategies and expertise so businesses can focus on the big picture.

Planet Argon’s mission is to empower their clients to reach their goals by helping them get the most out of their Ruby on Rails application. They offer services such as consulting, research, development, design, and support and maintenance. Planet Argon works with well-known brands such as Intel, Applegate, American Express, and many more.

The Challenges

With a new junior developer joining the team earlier this year (and the possibility of more later this year), Ben Parisot, Software Engineering Manager at Planet Argon, understands the pressure and work he and his team have to do and to go through to successfully onboard a new hire. He also agrees that preparing and updating documentation every time a new hire comes can be a repetitive, time-consuming task for him and his team.

 On top of this, based on his experience as an engineering manager, new hires easily get overwhelmed with the number of things to do and the number of things to know, whether it may be rules, policies, or even learning about just the engineering team environment. He also needs to do a lot of Slack messaging, emailing, and scheduling just to cater to the needs of a new hire, which is always hard to keep in mind.

The Solution

Our Slack-bot, eddy, automated the whole onboarding process. Ben was able to make onboarding plans for his new hire, and eddy helped the new hire do his interactive tasks on Slack in a timely manner, without bombarding the new hire with overwhelming tasks and documentation. eddy was also able to schedule internal meetings with the new hire, so Ben’s team didn’t have to go to and fro checking on everyone’s calendar. 

While Ben manually picks the buddies for the new hire, eddy was able to connect the new hires to other team members if the new hire got stuck on a certain task, or had questions to ask. The rest of the engineering team was able to focus on their main tasks. And as Edify is deeply committed to making the lives of engineering teams better, product updates such as having a web dashboard and being able to see a new hire’s progress have made Ben even more confident and less slammed in onboarding their new hires.

The Outcomes

The new hire appreciates eddy as it made his onboarding more digestible and that he had more control over what he does. The new hire was able to reach out to Ben and the rest of the team for missing pages and documentation, which helped Ben realize that their onboarding process needs some changes and updates. The new hire was able to stress parts that are not clear, and highlight an area that makes new hires ask.

For Ben, eddy has helped him save time every time a new one comes, or time to even ask his team members to step in. He has seen fewer interruptions within his team, and he is happy he can see progress reports to the onboarding of his new hire. eddy was also helpful in bringing feedback to their onboarding process, not just from the hire but from the bot itself. 

With eddy, buddies weren’t able to experience that much pressure and burden because eddy can redirect the new hire to a different buddy if one cannot do the task at the moment. eddy has also allowed Ben to put common questions, policies, or procedures that haven’t been placed in the documentation, which could’ve been another bunch of slack messages or emails to a developer in the team causing interruptions.


Why Edify?

eddy can keep teams focused while new hires are onboarded with quality and the assurance that they aren’t tossed in the wild and left behind. Eddy is programmed for a repeatable onboarding process through unobtrusive interactions as well as collecting team feedback to update the program while documenting the whole process. No more general corporate tools and measures for technical needs, no more extra hours for you and everyone else.

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