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Edify Helps You Build Great Engineering Culture

Jayme Rabenberg

We've been talking a lot recently about the chaotic current job market. A startling report out last month suggests that nearly three-quarters of employees in tech and IT roles are thinking of quitting their current job in the next 12 months. So once you've had an offer accepted, how do you retain engineers for the long haul?

What's clear from the growing body of survey research is that salary and benefits are only a small part of the equation, among the top reasons cited tech employees have left role in the most recent survey:

  • Limited career progression
  • Toxic work environment
  • Not being valued and appreciated
  • Lack of learning and development

It’s increasingly clear, if you want to attract and retain the best technical talent, you need to check in with your engineering culture, and you need tools that support and reinforce good engineering culture.

Defining Your Engineering Culture

First, spend some time evaluating your culture. Articulate an explicit engineering culture and define regular touch points where you evaluate the standards and philosophy your teams will use to collaborate and accomplish goals helps to reinforce expectations and ensure everyone is aligned.

At Edify we believe a healthy engineering culture includes the following key elements:

  • Transparent goal and expectation setting
  • Unblocked engineering workflows
  • Team development and individual development

We designed Edify to help engineering teams build and sustain their culture. By using Edify to onboard and level-up your team members you have a tool that helps you build, communicate, track, and maintain your engineering culture; automating repeatable processes, and creating consistency across your engineering organization.

Setting Expectations From The Start

When you sign up for Edify, we help you build a comprehensive engineering onboarding program that sets the foundation for expectations and technical learning for new team members. We built our bot eddy to help ease the challenges of onboarding new engineers giving them clear goals to ensure success. With eddy new hires receive:

  • Clear, concise tasks and knowledge that help them understand expectations for their role, the standards that their work will be evaluated by, and the ways your organization collaborates.
  • Automated reminders to keep them on track.

Unblocking Workflows

When we talk to engineers, from junior up through the CTO, we hear about their struggles with documentation. Hours spent digging through stale documentation repos, unanswered questions in Slack, and sorting through generic Google searches wastes time and money, and causes frustration and burnout.

Sound familiar? Edify was designed to help unblock developers and get them back to creatively solving engineering challenges.

  • By integrating with your onboarding plan and documentation repos, our Ask eddy feature uses AI to help teams find the most relevant and up-to-date documentation.
  • eddy facilitates documentation updates to help your team make maintaining documents part of the workflow.
  • Edify helps you identify subject matter experts, so questions don't go unanswered in general purpose slack channels, and you can better plan for staffing changes that require retraining and prevent knowledge attrition.

When documentation is maintained and the knowledge in your team is understood, you can plan for learning and development and foster career progression for your engineers.

Developing Your Team and Team Members

One of the biggest challenges of remote and hybrid work is creating opportunities for personal connection and team development. Edify's onboarding process not only helps new hires understand the norms and expectations for their team, it also fosters meaningful connections.

  • All new hires are assigned an Onboarding Buddy to help mentor them, providing context and details that might otherwise be missed early in the onboarding process.
  • eddy connects team members based on functional knowledge, providing for better collaboration, building team trust, and reducing knowledge silos.
  • Through integrations with your other developer tools, Edify can provide helpful insights into how your team members are performing.

Edify's onboarding and knowledge flow tools are designed to help you build and maintain a great engineering culture that will ensure you attract and retain great developers, by providing them the knowledge, expectation, and support for success. Sign up today and see how we can help you level up your engineering organization.

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