Hi! We're Edify.

And we love software engineers.

Edify's vision is to enable engineering teams to build the best products in the world, and our mission is to remove friction from every aspect of an engineering team's daily life. We build software that helps you hire, onboard, grow, and support your team end-to-end.

Meet our Team

Kristen Buchanan
CEO & Founder
Austin Epon
Executive Assistant
Jayme Rabenberg
Director of Product
Ryan Warsaw
Duct Tape Engineer

Company Advisors

Karen Callahan
Strategy & Operations
Luke Kanies
Strategy & Fundraising
Chris Keane
Product & Operations
Ryan O'Nell
Alex Witherspoon
Consulting Engineer

Board of Directors

Kristen Buchanan
CEO, Edify
Geoff Harris
Partner, Flying Fish
Mandy McLoughlin
CEO, Race Equ(al)ity Project
Caroline Lewis
Board Observer

How Edify Works

Edify draws its roots from founder Kristen Gallagher's first company, which sought to bring dignity back to the employee experience. Our values have been an integral part to our development and success, and we never compromise on them.

Operate with Integrity

Move Forward from Empathy

Live Through Curiosity

Question with Tenacity

Our Investors

Angels: Luke Kanies, Mat Ellis, Peter Horan, Kevin Ambrosini, Leigh Honeywell, Zac Cramer, Bill Pierznik, Greg Zwart, Mike Nierengarten, Jon Karon, Tanya Stewart

Careers at Edify

Edify is committed to growing an equitable, inclusive company that builds scalable software for high performing engineering teams.

If you believe in a future where all software engineers, from junior to senior, neurodiverse to underrepresented, are welcomed and supported to be their best, we want you at Edify!

We currently have 1 (one) open role.

Are you scaling? See how Edify can help you enable your engineering teams?

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