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Making Onboarding Easier for Managers

Kristen Buchanan

At Edify we want to help customers get ahead of onboarding. Preparing onboarding materials in advance helps a manager anytime a new hire comes on to the team — and can be crucial if there’s a season of increased hiring activity, like the start of a new year, or after a round of funding.

But how can employers get ahead of onboarding, when the process can’t fully start until an employee’s first day?

So often we see managers struggling with the holding pattern that comes with hiring.

They know what’s required for the new hire’s role, they know how to communicate it, but they have to wait until the employee arrives on day 1 to start moving forward with the onboarding process.

That can leave even the best of managers scrambling to collect onboarding materials at the last second, rushing through the process and potentially missing important details along the way.

From the time that a new employee is hired, there could be a delay of anywhere from a few days to several weeks before that employee begins working. So while the company hiring managers might know what needs to be done for onboarding, they can often feel stuck waiting at the gates until the new hire’s first day.

Our best solution to the hiring holding pattern is to use “downtime” to prepare onboarding materials.

This doesn’t have to be complicated.

Start by thinking about the knowledge and skills a new hire will need to be successful in their role. Foundational knowledge in technical onboarding programs fall under four pillars: technical knowledge, process knowledge, product knowledge, and professional expectations.

Within each of those four categories, there’s going to be information, documentation, and knowledge, as well as skills and behaviors.

By simply considering what information is essential ahead of time, managers can start to build their go-to onboarding plan far in advance of a new hire’s arrival.

This is where Edify comes in. Managers can slot these ideas and documents into their Edify onboarding plan. Then eddy, our bot, will share it with your new hire over their first 30 days, giving them the right information to gain context on their new role, and speed up their time to productivity.

There will always be some parts of onboarding that must wait until a new hire arrives for work. But whether you’re onboarding 1 or 50 new employees at once, getting your plan built in advance can make the process more efficient and less stressful for you and the new cohort.

If you’d like to learn if eddy could work with your engineering team, please reach out!

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