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How Does Edify Help Onboard New Software Engineers?

Austin E.

Onboarding your newly hired engineers isn’t about sharing links, files, and all the video presentations in the world. Poor onboarding practices for your tech-engineering teams, or having none at all, can be proven costly in terms of resources, talent, and work potential. To make matters worse, tech companies are tempted to employ corporate onboarding practices that do not address concerns of a technical environment.

Edify introduces Eddy, the interactive Slackbot tech-engineering teams can utilize to cut hours worth of work and preparation they do every time a new engineer is added to the team. Make your new hires become contributing members in an instant without messing up your team’s schedules. Here’s how Edify can maximize your technical team’s overall performance in just less than a month:

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#1 Cuts Excess Admin Work

Engineering and technical teams aren’t for corporate matters. So when a new software engineer is being passed on from HR, team leaders tend to take full responsibility for making sure a new hire becomes a contributing member as soon as possible - and it’s not easy.

Edify through Eddy, bridges that gap between ‘just hired’ and ‘job well done’ for every new software engineer hired. It doesn’t have to be a compromise between doing extra work to help the new member, and extra hours doing unfinished core responsibilities. For your new hire, it also doesn’t have to be chasing team leaders for questions with the atmosphere of holding back not wanting to disturb daily team operations.

#2 Promotes Proper Team Integration

Are you finding yourself or your team members pointing fingers and taking turns over who gets to aid the new engineer this time? Everyone is aware of how exhausting and mentally draining it is to focus on core work responsibilities while making sure the new member is fully onboarded. 

Edify is backed with technology and science expertise and is programmed to not only keep track of a new engineer’s progress but also to provide team tasks without the hassle of planning ahead the night or even hours before the shift starts. Let your technical team focus on what they do, and let Eddy do the onboarding!

#3 Provides Perfect Transition Through Interactive Tasks

Currently, Eddy lives in Slack and onboards your new engineers through unobtrusive Slack interactions. As technical and engineering teams need technical solutions, we are also in the works of giving Eddy another home - in Microsoft Teams and other communication apps. 

Tech companies no matter if a startup or already established communicate through communication apps, which makes Edify the best all-in-one solution to communicate and onboard your new hires at the same time. Edify also allows you to monitor your new engineer’s progress, documentations, upcoming and finished tasks, as well as guide them in becoming contributing members within just a month. Your new engineers will never be left behind and will easily adapt to a fast-paced working environment even with minimal supervision and admin work.

#4 Edify Is The Cost-Effective Onboarding Program 

Onboarding has always been one of the crucial points of employment, even for tech companies. In fact, a study from Glassdor revealed that good onboarding procedures can improve employee retention by 82%. There are also multiple studies that strongly relate onboarding experiences to employee retention. And it makes sense to understand that newly hired members who undergo good onboarding practices stay longer and perform their duties better. 

No one can deny the expensive reality of training and onboarding software engineers and seeing them leave in less than a year. Without a solid and effective onboarding program specifically designed for technical teams, resources are wasted, talent is wasted.

A better team performance leads to better results, financially speaking. As poor onboarding practices may affect how you spend your company’s resources, having no technical onboarding programs at all can prove costly - as it doesn’t maximize talent and work potential. 

Truly, onboarding new software engineers can be a mess especially when there’s too much to handle. But apart from giving your tech company the tool it needs, it assures your new members that they are valued and are will be guided no matter what. 

Let Eddy sort your onboarding problems! Request a demo version by visiting our website here and see the results yourself!

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