Product Updates

A log of Edify's product updates with release notes

September, 2021

  • Updating outdated documentation: When team members ask eddy a question, and eddy replies with outdated information; the team member is able to report that the answer is outdated & submit an update request. The manager is able to accept/deny the request, or delegate the answer to another team member.
  • Plan Readiness Dashboard: Immediately understand how prepared you are to onboard your new hires with plan readiness dashboard, and skip directly to review and update prompts that Edify detects may be out of date.
  • New Hire Progress Reports: Better insight into your new hires progress: showing you how far along each new hire is in their plan, identifying risk, and updating plans asynchronously as needed.

August, 2021

  • Ask eddy: Ask eddy allows Slack users to send eddy a DM with a technical query. In the beta version of Ask eddy you can query all of the knowledge available in your Edify onboarding plans.
  • Updated buddy interactions: eddy ensures new hires and their buddies are directly introduced. Managers are able to reassign the buddy role if needed throughout the new hires onboarding.
  • Live chat with eddy support: Users can now conveniently reach support directly from within the web-app.
  • Future Date for New Hire Onboarding: Managers can now set a future date and time for eddy to start onboarding their new hire before they arrive.

July, 2021

  • New Hire Reports: New Hire Reports provides an overview of all of your new hires' progress and provides the option of a more detailed view to see what topics your new hire has been learning.
  • In-app Plan Creation: Creating new onboarding plans is now executed within the web-app directly.

June, 2021

  • Adding Plan Editors: Add users as Editors with access to directly create and update answers in your Onboarding Plan.
  • Plan re-ordering: Onboarding plans are now organized by week, providing the manager with deeper insight into the cadence of eddy.