New Hire Reports: Tracking your new hires progress

How to track how far along your new hire is in their onboarding plan.

The easiest way to track new hire progress, is through the New Hire Reports feature in the web-app. To access this feature, log into the web-app and click "New Hire Reports" from the home page. From there, you can view the progress of each new hire. You can also click to expand and view which specific tasks new hires have skipped.

Also, by using the "report" command with your DM with eddy in Slack, a manager can view the progress of any of their new hires. The report will show % completion, the current section the new hire is working on, as well as any tasks they have skipped. New Hires can also use the report command to view their own progress.

To report on New Hire Progress:

  1. Enter "report" into your DM with Eddy
  2. Choose the individual that you would like to view the report for.