Jayme Rabenberg

Director of Product

Jayme (she/her) leads Edify’s product team. She brings her previous product management and customer success expertise from companies including Smarsh, LyfLynks and NGP VAN, combined with extensive experience in political campaign management and communications to architect Edify’s product strategy. She nerds out about roadmaps and ideation processes and is passionate about building tools to make work better.

Blog Posts

What's New: Documentation Maintenance, Dashboard Reports, and Simplified Navigation

Take a look at our recent product updates as of October 8, 2021!

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Designing With and For Customers

Problems are not static, so we are constantly looking for ways to get feedback from our customers, both on the features they are using today, and those we are prototyping to build. We are focusing our user research on the areas where building new products are risky.

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